Japanese startup's "Tomato Harvesting Robot" demonstration

Japanese startup's Tomato Harvesting Robot demonstration

inaho Europe B.V. (subsidiary of inaho Inc.?Headquarters: Kanagawa, Japan), hereafter, "inaho")) started the company's latest product: a tomato harvesting robot demonstration at Tomatoworld in the Netherlands.

Demo-harvesting robot at Tomatoworld, providing the latest updates and cost simulations

The purpose of launching the demonstration at Tomatoworld is to allow more interested people to see the robot in operation. inaho wants to demonstrate the robot and receive more feedback from growers, in order to develop and increase the value of the robot. For those who come to Tomatoworld to see the robots, inaho will provide detailed specifications, functions, expected future updates of the robot and simulations to estimate the amount of human labour time reduced and the amount of cost savings, based on the results of the trials in Japan.

You can apply for the visit with the application form: https://forms.gle/298cnnxfU2SMcXke7

16% reduction in human working hours in field trials with growers in Japan

inaho has already conducted field trials with growers in Japan,and demonstrated a reduction in human working hours of around 16% by setting up a workflow in which robots harvest during the night time before humans do. Meanwhile, inaho also found that there are differences between Japanese and Dutch growers in terms of harvest and post-harvest operations, e.g. standards for picking appropriate color of the fruits and the frequency of harvesting.  In order to develop a solution that is more suitable for Dutch growers, inaho is keen to get a better understanding of the Dutch growers' practices and receive more operational feedback from them. In this context, inaho is also actively seeking a grower partner who would be able to to carry out a field trial of the harvesting robot.

[Key Features of the Tomato Harvesting Robot]

?Fully-automated harvesting robot for snack tomatoes

?AI algorithm identifies ripe fruits by color and size

?Up to 12-hour operation on a single charge

?Works day and night

About inaho Inc.:

A Japan-based agritech company founded by Yutaka Hishiki  and Sohya Ohyama in 2017.

inaho launched the AI-equipped asparagus harvesting robot in 2019 and operates under the Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model. The company won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in the 9th ROBOT AWARD, issued by the Japanese government. In 2020, despite the pandemic, 10 farms introduced the services in Japan in 2020. In addition to providing robotic solutions, inaho also develops new cropping systems and farm operation schemes with partners to make farming more sustainable.

For more information about inaho Inc. and inaho Europe B.V.  Please visit: https://en.inaho.co/


Source: Goedemorgen


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