Israeli high-tech in Turkish agri: potential collaboration

Israel can contribute in exporting high-tech to help Turkish agricultural field become much more modern, upgraded, say experts.

Although many analysts see energy partnership between Israel and Türkiye as key, some say ties can flourish further with cooperation in a host of other areas such as agricultural technology.

Amid normalization efforts between Ankara and Tel Aviv since last year, the two recently decided to fully restore diplomatic ties, and reappoint ambassadors after over four years, a move seen as lending new momentum to their long-strained ties.

Along with these developments the Türkiye-Israel Joint Economic Commission is also set to meet in early September, and Israel also announced in July that it had decided to reopen its economy and trade office in Türkiye, which it had closed during deteriorating political relations.

"I did not like the fact that all kind of diplomatic relations were on hold from both sides during the last 10 years or even more. However, on the economic and business level, we always had very good relations with Türkiye and it only keeps growing year after year," Gad Shoshan, chairman of the Israel-Türkiye Business Council, told Anadolu Agency.

Despite the ups and downs of diplomatic relations in the last 10 years, the countries have managed to maintain trade relations at a relatively stable level.

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