Harvest London set to build VF in the Croydon suburbs

Harvest London set to build VF in the Croydon suburbs

A LISTED investment manager has injected funds into vertical farming firm Harvest London to build a cutting-edge site near Croydon.

Harvest has built two farms in the capital so far and partnered with brands including Pizza Pilgrims to deliver locally-grown produce with minimal environmental impact.

Harvest has secured investment from Foresight to build a 140,000 square foot unit in Beddington which it says will allow to “expand its current operations, enabling it to supply a range of salads and herbs to customers in London and beyond.

Harvest London’s new site in Croydon

The firm has been operating a working east London firm for three years.

“Vertical farming is a technology that can complement British agriculture, helping us reduce our reliance on food imports, and give consumers fresher, more local ingredients.

“We want to make the UK a world-leader in this exciting new industry,” Harvest’s founder Chris Davies said today.

Foresight manages around £1.4bn-worth of assets and invests in sustainable infrastructure.

Harvest London’s indoor vertical farming approach delivers crops all year round of a consistently high
quality, using no chemical pesticides, significantly reducing amount of fertiliser needed, avoiding
agricultural pollution of rivers, and dramatically shortening supply chains.

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Header Photo: Harvest’s co-founders Chris Davies (l) and Matt Chlebek (r)
All Photos Courtesy of Harvest London



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