BrightFarms is meeting demand for more produce

BrightFarms is meeting demand for more produce

Food safety is the single most important part of what we do as food growers. BrightFarms has demonstrated its leadership in this space by transparently tackling challenges and charting a path forward.

Abby Prior, Chief Commercial Officer

Tell us about BrightFarms and your products. What are your newest offerings?

BrightFarms is a leader within the indoor-grown leafy greens category, serving the freshest, tastiest, and most responsibly grown produce to consumers nationwide. Our hydroponic greenhouse farms are built in the communities we serve, eliminating time, distance, and costs from the food supply chain. We have six greenhouses, and counting, that deliver across the Midwest and East Coast.

BrightFarms offers a variety of fresh lettuce options, from classic greens to crunchy mixes and salad kits. All of our greens are grown locally and harvested at the height of freshness so that they maintain the light, crispy, crunchy experience our consumers have come to love us for. We introduced “Crunch Kit™ Salads” earlier this year, giving customers a premium salad kit option that is satisfying and flavorful and ready to be enjoyed on-the-go or at home.

Why is indoor farming the future of how we grow, harvest, and deliver our food?

Today, most of the nation’s leafy greens come from conventional outdoor farms in California and Arizona. Greens grown outdoors on the West Coast spend 5-7 days traveling across the country, using up shipping fuel and losing taste, freshness, and nutrients along the way. But, in under 10 years, we expect that 50% of leafy greens nationwide will be sourced from indoor greenhouses like BrightFarms.

We grow our produce indoors in carefully-controlled greenhouses that give plants a sunny, 72-degree home, year-round – grown sustainably to minimize impact on our Earth and delivering fresh, tasty produce to retailers and consumers.

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Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash



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