VMP: The most versatile transplanter yet

VMP: The most versatile transplanter yet

What happens when you want to grow a Calibrachoa, Petunia and Begonia in a single pot? That’s right, the petunia will grow so fast that it takes over the entire pot. At Visser, they’ve come up with a solution that enables growers to meet the retailers’ requests for multi-color pots with the same number of plants per tray; The Visser Multi Planter (VMP). In this article, you'll see 3 reasons why every greenhouse should have a VMP.

1. Trios in a pot

Consumers and retailers demand growers to deliver trios in a pot. But as plants have different growth rates, it can be a challenge to grow them together. At Visser, they have listened to their customers, and they have developed the new Visser Multi Planter in collaboration. This new transplanter can plant up to 4 plants in a single pot. This allows growers to select uniform pre-rooted plants and transplant them at the right time.

The transplanter has been developed to plant directly on the carousel of a Mayer TM 2400DR, utilizing the maximum capacity of the filler. Due to the precise positioning of the grippers, the plants are always placed at the exact location and with the same distance from each other, making it easy to spot a missing plant. With independently moving grippers and two input conveyors, the maximum capacity of +/- 7.250 plant per hour can be achieved.

2. Powerful gripper

The new Visser gripper can grab every single plug, without exceptions. Because of the powerful gripper, there is no more need for a push-up unit to push the plugs out of the trays. A new gripper technique with a powerful cylinder allows the Visser equipment to easily pick up every plant, even if they are hard rooted. Buying an expensive push-up unit everytime a new tray is developed by the tray supplier has become a thing of the past. Furthermore, the lack of a push-up unit simplifies and streamlines the handling process, speeding up the conversion times.

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