First duckweed plant launched into space aboard SpaceX BRS-29

First duckweed plant launched into space aboard SpaceX BRS-29
Photo: GreenOnyx

Israeli agro-tech manufacturer GreenOnyx today announced its flagship product, Wanna Greens, the natural fresh Wolffia vegetables that surpass any traditional greens, made history as the first duckweed plant to rocket into space on SpaceX to the International Space Station.

Launched on November 9, 2023, a fresh proprietary package of fresh Wanna Greens and a duckweed miniature cultivation module developed by GreenOnyx have undergone rigorous testing and received NASA's stamp of approval as part of the Commercial Resupply Service (CRS)-29 mission.

NASA has studied Duckweed (freshwater lentils) for their potential use in space environments; however, actual space missions involving the launch of duckweeds have not yet taken place until now. Wanna Greens® is the world's smallest green vegetable and contains more iron than spinach, more zinc than kale, and more potassium than any green vegetable – all integral to promoting cellular strength, preventing illness and disease, and enhancing longevity.

"Our first set of experiments of duckweed in space aims to explore its rapid growth patterns, high nutrient content, and potential as a sustainable fresh food source for astronauts on long-duration space missions," said GreenOnyx co-founder and CEO Dr. Tsipi Shoham.

"These studies aim to understand how duckweed can be cultivated effectively in microgravity environments using GreenOnyx's proprietary technology and how astronauts can easily consume fresh greens in space. The findings may affect fresh food supply chain exploration in space and already impact our sustainable agriculture and fresh food consumption here on Earth."

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