5 companies who shaped the future of ag in 2022

5 companies who shaped the future of ag in 2022

Each year, new innovations emerge in the ag sector that transform the field. As our climate patterns become more unpredictable and extreme, these innovators offer a glimpse into a more resilient future shaped by tech-enabled ag.

Editor’s Note: The following list details some of the many companies involved in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) sector. This list is not exhaustive but rather meant to illustrate the variety of ways in which suppliers are creatively meeting the needs of their customers.

So, here are 5 companies who we think are revolutionizing the sector:

Soli Organic

A worker inspects microgreens in an indoor farm.. Credit: Soli Organic.

This soil-based indoor grower out of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley aims to make organic food more accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Typically, produce farmed indoors in hydroponic or aeroponic systems is not allowed to be labeled as organic. However, since Soli grows in soil, their products are certified organic. 

Soli’s dedication to sustainability is evident in their closed-loop system which recycles unused water and nutrients to be used again. With seven farms already operating across the United States and more in the works, Soli has a bright future in the sector.

Orbillion Bio

Orbillion’s cell-cultured meat is created through precision fermentation of animal cells. Credit: Meat + Poultry.

As a producer of cultured meats, Orbillion was the first company in the world to offer a tasting of premium cultured meats, in this case, Wagyu beef, elk, and lamb. They are hoping to produce at scale by 2025, so long as they gain approval from regulatory bodies, such as the FDA. Orbillion claims to “move from sample to finished product 18x faster and 10x cheaper than other cell-cultured meat companies”, which accounts for their speedy timeline.

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Header Photo: Color-optimized solar panels gather energy in an indoor farm. Credit: Voltiris.



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