Infrascreen nets $1.5m for its greenhouse nanomaterial

26-06-2022    10:12   |    AFN

Swiss startup Infrascreen has raised $1.5 million in funding for its nanotech-enabled ‘smart material’ that can be used to control climatic conditions in greenhouses.

  • Investbridge Capital and ACE & Company co-led the seed round.

  • Infrascreen will use the proceeds to “deploy pilot units with our prospective clients” in the commercial greenhouse space, CEO Henri Lalande tells AFN.

Why it matters:

“We are making high-tech greenhouses more energy-efficient, so that they can become carbon neutral,” says Lalande.

  • According to Infrascreen, the global commercial greenhouse market is worth $29 billion today and is expected to grow about 10% annually over the next four years. This growth will be driven by the higher yields that greenhouses are capable of in the limited space they take up – and the possibility of producing crops without the need for expensive and potentially harmful agrochemicals, as in conventional open-field farming.

  • However, one of the drawbacks of greenhouse ag is the cost of their heightened energy usage, which is required to optimize the indoor farming environment for the crops being grown in order to achieve those higher yields.

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