IGS harvests climate gains that can also feed the world

01-12-2021    13:48   |    Herald Scotland

“Hectic” doesn’t really begin to describe the last month or so of David Farquhar’s life, a man who by rights should have been enjoying his retirement.

In the span of just two weeks, the chief executive of Scotland’s Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) closed a £42.2 million funding round and signed a major deal with an expanding luxury resort operator, both while also hosting a stream of political and business leaders at COP26. By his reckoning, Mr Farquhar featured as a panel speaker at 17 events linked to the climate summit held earlier this month in Glasgow.

But the buzz around IGS was to be expected, given the company’s focus on technology to help feed an expanding global population while at the same time combating climate change. This compelling narrative was enough to coax Mr Farquhar away from a more relaxed pace of life and agree four years ago to take on the challenge of turning IGS into a global leader in the vertical farming industry.

Under his tenure revenues have gone from zero to £50m, and are expected to double in each of the next few years. Headcount at the Edinburgh-headquartered company has grown from 25 to more than 150 and is forecast to reach 350 within the next three years.

IGS was set up in 2013 by Sir Henry Arkroyd, who was looking to grow baby vegetables year-round at his farm in Invergowrie. He came across a concept of vertical farming which was first developed by NASA as a way of feeding people living on the moon.

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Photo Courtesy of IGS

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Tom Boyde at 02.12.2021

I'd be very, very glad to hear from IGS - because there's surely a lot of synergy between their activities and the revolutionary SunDownLoader. Not competition; cooperation, common interests ....

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