New leafy greens cultivation platform coming soon

New leafy greens cultivation platform coming soon

Freya Cultivation Systems, an agricultural technology startup with a focus on greenhouse profitability, is introducing the development of its new leafy greens cultivation platform: the Aeroframe.

Freya Cultivation Systems’ new platform aims to rival NFT and hydroponic systems by doubling active cultivation area in the same greenhouse space. The Aeroframe doubles the cultivation area by utilizing three-dimensional structures (A-Frames) and mobile proprietary ultrasonic sprayers, which not only increase productivity but also deliver all the benefits of aeroponic irrigation, such as increased disease resistance and resource savings. According to the company’s estimations, increased plant density can drive down production costs due to diluted fixed costs such heating, cooling, property upkeep, and more.

“We are excited to introduce the Aeroframe. After conducting early testing with our first prototype, we are due to deploy three new Aeroframe platforms later in October. Our team is working to evaluate all suitable mobility systems to make sure the irrigators travel flawlessly” says Freya Cultivation Systems CEO Gediminas Kudirka.

Lukas Bartusevicius, Freya’s Chief Commercial Officer, adds, “our goal is to make greenhouses more profitable. The Aeroframe development is very promising, and our testing indicates that we can achieve nearly 200 kg of baby greens per 1 square meter of greenhouse floor per year. The profitability metrics are also improved. I think that we will disrupt the market very soon, but we first look forward to validating our figures during pilot deployments in 2024.”

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Photo: Freya Cultivation Systems



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