How Peroxide Ultrapure provides huge benefits to the grower

How Peroxide Ultrapure provides huge benefits to the grower

Whether you're growing berries, ornamental plants, hydroponic lettuce or even livestock, a key ingredient is water. With the important role water plays in your operation, it's absolutely essential that it's clean and rich in oxygen, to keep everything running smoothly.

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Ultra-high purity hydrogen peroxide provides your irrigation water with a major boost. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural product, comprised of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, forming a barrier against pathogens and keeping irrigation lines clean.

Boosting Crops

After it's done its job, it breaks down into water and oxygen - the latter provides a boost to your crops, contributing to resilient and healthy plants.

If you're looking to profit from these beneficial effects, Peroxide UltraPure™ will be a sound choice for your company. This ultra-pure and highly stable peroxide is produced at safe quantities, directly when and where you need it, by the HPGen™ systems from HPNow.

Simple Connection

The HPGen™ systems require only power, water and air as inputs. After simple connection to your irrigation lines, the system will immediately start producing Peroxide UltraPure™ to keep your operation clean and your plants healthy.

Even if you're already using hydrogen peroxide in bottles, the return on this investment of on-site generator is almost immediate. In addition to the increased safety of no longer having to handle dangerous chemicals, the ROI on an HPGen™ system means it's often more lucrative than the use of bulk peroxide.

Minimising Irrigation Issues

"One testimonial came from Danish Berry grower Hunsballe Grřnt. 'HPNow has certainly minimized previous irrigation issues. We did a trial where we ran a section of the greenhouse with HPGen and one without. We could see very clear differences in the treated section. Irrigation was homogeneous and drippers were clean with HPGen.'

Further Enquiries

Are you looking to take your irrigation game to the next level? Email Ziv Ronen (HPNow's Head of Agriculture Sales) who will be happy to help you.

Source: Goedemorgen