How iFarm Berries technology works

16-11-2021    16:33   |    iFarm

In this article, we’re talking about iFarm Berry vertical farms, where you can grow delicious, sweet and fragrant strawberries all year round.

The iFarm team has developed new technology for the industrial production of strawberries on automated vertical farms. iFarm Berries technology allows you to get a good harvest of delicious, locally-grown, pesticide-free berries all year round.

We’ll take a closer look at a pilot farm based in Siberia, which is producing exquisite strawberries in an extremely cold climate, and showcase how this innovative technology works.

The first industrial city farm using iFarm Berries technology is located in Novosibirsk, where the iFarm R&D department is also based. Two rooms are equipped for berry production, creating a total cultivation area of 233 m². The farm space is divided into two separate rooms to control the schedule of different strawberry yield cycles and ensure reliable harvests are available at any time of year. More than 2000 plants can be grown in each room, with 4000 plants being cultivated on the farm.

What is important for the industrial cultivation of strawberries?

iFarm AgTech developers take many different parameters into account when creating new technology for the industrial cultivation of strawberries, including yield, cost, taste (Brix level), shape and size of the berry, its shelf life and distribution of output over time.

These variables are directly dependent on the variety of strawberry being grown and the method of cultivation used. To achieve optimal plant growth and maximum yields, iFarm agronomists experimented with different varieties, growing methods and parameters.

“iFarm Berries technology is based on the low-volume hydroponics growing method, using inert substrates and drip irrigation to deliver nutrients to the plants.

Low-volume hydroponics is one of the most advantageous growing methods for strawberries. It allows the plant root system to breathe and develop healthily, while consuming all the necessary elements from the nutrient solution. Additionally, low-volume hydroponics allows you to minimise water usage and, therefore, conserves resources and increases sustainability. With healthy roots nourishing the plant's body, we get a bush that’s full of energy and full of berries!

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