Hoogendoorn appoints Samar Al Kadri as Senior Advisor in UAE

Hoogendoorn appoints Samar Al Kadri as Senior Advisor in UAE

UAE- For years Hoogendoorn Growth Management has been the market leader for process automation solutions in the horticultural landscape of the Middle East. Many new and existing customers use the Hoogendoorn process computer as the beating heart of their greenhouse, net-house or indoor farm. Moreover, the demand for fresh, local and safe food production in this region continues to grow. Therefore, Hoogendoorn employed Samar Al Kadri as Senior Advisor, to provide the best possible support to (potential) customers, growers and investors in Dubai.

Samar has been living and working in the United Arab Emirates for a very long time. In her former position as Senior Policy Advisor for Agriculture & Food of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, she promoted the Dutch Horticultural industry while highlighting the importance of the use of AgTech for the local industry to improve yield, efficiency and profitability.

This unique region is nowadays undergoing this revolutionary change to the use of AgTech, which is the key to enhancing sustainability in their horticultural industry. With the deployment of Dutch technologies, the growth in local, fresh and safe food production is now promising. On top of that, with all the digital tools and services Hoogendoorn offers, the growers in the GCC countries are being fully supported in growing more with less. In her new position, Samar will continue to inspire growers and investors to use the right level of technologies, in order to improve their production quality, quantity and ROI. 

For our Area Sales Manager for the Middle East, Fouad Ababou, this means that he has gained a direct colleague on the spot and he is enthusiastic about that. He says: "I have known Samar for many years through her role at the Consulate in Dubai. She has important knowledge of our sector, and after all the provided training sessions, she became an expert on all Hoogendoorn's solutions as well. On top of that, her knowledge has proven to be very valuable for the Dutch horticultural industry, so we are proud that she now will work for our company. Herewith, we also have a local presence for our customers in the Middle East". Hoogendoorn indicates that this presence is very welcome in the region, to support the local growers and investors with optimal service, training and advice.

Additionally, Samar highlights that she is very fortunate to join Hoogendoorn: "Over the years I was always impressed with the solutions and technologies of the Dutch horticultural industry, that helps the growers in the Emirates to produce healthy food and to maximize the production with less water and energy resources. I am very enthusiastic to stay involved in this industry with this very sustainable company."

Source: HortiBiz


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