Growtech 2021 continues with a big crowd

25-11-2021    16:24   |    HortiBiz

20th Growtech, the world’s biggest exhibition for the greenhouse industry, welcomed thousands of visitors on its 2nd day! Walking at Growtech venue feels like the pandemic never happened. It seems like Growtech organization team did a great job. Visitors and exhibitors seems very satisfied by their attendance to Growtech even though it’s only the 2nd day.

Growtech will be opened till Saturday on November 27th. So, you can still have a chance to meet with the exhibitors and visitors at Growtech!

Before that, you can take a look at the opinions of the exhibitors about 2nd day of Growtech.


“We’re now in the mid of the 2nd day. So far it has been phenomenal. It’s very busy. This is the 2nd show for me after covid. First one was GreenTech in Amsterdam. It was very quite and slow but here it is busy, it is vibrant. There are a lot of things happening. The vibe is good. Most definitely we’ll be here at next years as well!.”

Harm Ammerlaan- HORTILUX

"It’s like coming home every year. We’re here right from the beginning when the exhibition started many years ago. Last year we couldn’t exhibit due to the known reason. So, for us it feels very good to be here again to see our old friends and to meet new friends as well! Actually we came here with no expectations as we didn’t know if the exhibition would attracts lots of visitors. But I’m satisfied now, apparently this organization did pretty well! It’s much better than I expected!"

Hugo Plaisier – SVENSSON

"It’s important to be here at Growtech. You don’t see only Turkish customers but you see a lot of customers from all around the world by coming here. You don’t often have a chance to meet your customers at one place. It saves a lot of time just being here and it’s a great way to build your relations better."

Geert van Veen – PRINS GROUP

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