Growers putting greater focus on soil health

Growers putting greater focus on soil health

The idea that healthy soils are beneficial to growing abundant, high-quality crops seems intuitive. Most agree, however, that until recent years, insect, disease, and weed management and maximizing the results of a plant nutrition program were much higher on the list of concerns for growers.

But that’s changing, and in a big way. Whether it’s due more to outside influences from consumer, retailer, or regulatory demands for more sustainable production methods, or the agriculture industry simply better understanding the science and its benefits, soil health is a focus for growers. And they’re beginning to ask all the right questions.

“I think now, more than ever, there’s a dedication to investigating healthier soils and the positive impacts they have by way of promoting better nutrient uptake, better water retention, and improved water quality by reducing runoff,” says Mike Allan, Vice President, North America, Certis Biologicals. “These are all things that are becoming mainstream knowledge and incorporated into an overall integrated program on the farm.”

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