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29-04-2022    10:03   |    HortiBiz

Aponix has just started making the first batch of the first element of its new Young Plant Tray Set. The set is designed to help small and medium sized urban farming operations to have access to functionally well designed and robust reusable heavy duty equipment that helps them organize and run their young plant production even from home. It is based on a “10 by 20” or a “10 by 10” base tray that can be used in the following modes:

·       Microgreen production,

·       for substrate bound young plants with the 3x3 cell inserts and even

·       for soilless 2-inch net pot young plants.


The new aponix Tray Set provides elements that can be combined into a tool set to grow strong young plants for all sorts of substrate based and soilless growing cases by a much wider audience. It intends to facilitate and teach plant growing skills at the same time also outside of the professional horticulture space. Having access to strong and healthy young plants is a prerequisite for successfully running any growing system including the existing aponix products - the vertical barrel / 3D-NFT and the living WallSystem but also any other substrate based or soilless solution.

Planned variants of the tray set covering different use cases.

Imagine a bunch of such 1010 trays (25.4cm by 25.4cm growing area) that can also be used in prosumer kitchen with jute substrate growing just the right amount of microgreens just using a simple spray bottle to help Ggermination, some microgreen seeds and a stock of 10 by 10 inch jute substrate mats. It will grow fresh greens abundantly year round for pennies.

Radish/cilantro mix growing on jute mats in a 1020 tray.

One of the challenges for the non-professional segment has always been to be able to grow strong young plants. The usual equipment you can get from hardware stores is the typical cheap plastic that breaks quick or does not work well. So aponix desiged a versatile heavy duty tray set that provides elements that can be used to grow young plants from seed. The elements will be made available sequentially also through Amazon in the EU starting in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. Please contact aponix if you are outside of these areas and like to test or use this new type equipment. Especially the trays have been designed by collecting requirements from microgreen growers adding these as features into the resulting set design. All materials are manufactured in Germany and heavy duty and of course made from recycled materials in part, marked and can also be recycled after its end of life.

Start the 1020 Tray of production in Germany

The targeted area of all the created components is at the confluence of traditional professional horticulture methods and equipment and the urban vertical requirements to cultivate more plants (edible and for vegetation) where people live and work. It is a newly evolving segment with close relations from the actual farming aspect in cooperative and distributed new ways and in new locations and models, that always also have a social and educative aspect through the planning of such setups and also the operations to it.

Aponix regards all its components as infrastructure pieces that can be used to design many different growing or even plant dispensing solutions and it always needs well planned implementation into individual urban contexts either done by product or local integration partners or by the users themselves. Aponix believes that creative innovation can happen naturally once interested users are given functional and modular equipment that can be implemented into the urban context plus the freedom and the incentives to do so.

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