Valoya introduces LL-Series with Lumi VF and Lumi CS Spectra

Valoya introduces LL-Series with Lumi VF and Lumi CS Spectra
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With the launch of the LL-Series, Valoya introduces their recent innovation in LEDs for research applications and controlled environment agriculture. The LL-Series now comes with Lumi-VF and Lumi-CS spectra, designed for vertical farming and crop science applications. In a world where population growth, climate change, and resource scarcity threaten traditional agricultural practices, Valoya's LL-Series offers a standout option that enables farmers, researchers, and enthusiasts alike to achieve a higher and better yield result.

"As our customers, you will receive the support and care from our team of photo biologists, ensuring a seamless journey from seed to sale." - Team Valoya. 

Key Features of the LL-Series:  

·       Designed for growth rooms, chambers, and vertical farming. 

·       Dust and humidity resistant (IP65) 

·       Dimmable and easy to install. 

·       CE Marked and UKCA-certified. 

·       Slim, Efficient and Durable

With a light intensity of up to 3.2 µmol/W and a dimming capability, LL-Series bars can be placed between 10 cm and 1 m above the canopy. The LL-Series is IP65 rated, making it dust-tight and water-resistant without sacrificing functionality.

Understanding the Lumi-VF and Lumi-CS Spectra 

Lumi-VF is a white grow light for vertical farming which: 

1.       is highly efficient 

2.       boosts biomass for leafy greens and herbs 

3.       provides a pleasant environment to work under 

Lumi-CS is a white grow light for crop science, and as a spectrum provides: 

1.       a seamless transition from using fluorescent tubes  

2.       consistent spectral uniformity 

3.       a top-choice for growth rooms, tissue culture, and controlled research environments   

Both are available in the new LL-series: slim, sleek and efficient luminaires for growing in close environments.  


For more information on Valoya's LL-Series and its applications in controlled environment agriculture, please visit LL-Series - Valoya LED Grow Lights

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