The new COOLSTACK grow light breaks records for high wire crops

The new COOLSTACK grow light breaks records for high wire crops

In the ever-evolving landscape of greenhouse agriculture, MechaTronix takes a bold step forward by introducing an exciting innovation to their existing COOLSTACK® Dynamic Growlights.

Dynamic light strategy in high-wire crops was already proven to be the optimal approach in the lighting season 2023-2024.

Most growers have already invested in LED grow lights equipped with the ability to perform dynamic light strategies. These growlights do not only allow crop steering by the daily light integral (DLI) but also by adjusting the light spectrum according to the crop’s needs and/or the available radiation in the greenhouse.

Now MechaTronix goes to the next level in this strategy by adopting the new Osram OSCONIQ® P3737 LEDs in its COOLSTACK® Dynamic Growlights. Coupled with completely redesigned optics, tailored for high-wire crops like tomatoes and cucumbers.

This results in an ultra-high efficacy of over 3.8 umol per joule combined with a unique light spreading and depth into the crop. This new development also serves as the ideal solution for lower greenhouses with limited space from trellis to crop to implement a full LED light setup.

“Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously push boundaries,” says Koen Vangorp, CEO at MechaTronix, “by providing growers with the tools they need to maximise yields and efficiency.”.

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