Sanlucar whets the appetite for its fruit with '101 Dalmatians'

Sanlucar whets the appetite for its fruit with '101 Dalmatians'

Valencia, Spain - SanLucar, the premium brand for fruit and vegetables, is now getting to the point - quite a few points, actually. Soon, the cute four-legged main characters from Disney's classic movie "101 Dalmatians" will decorate SanLucar packaging and different points of sale in Germany and Austria. Delicious and sweet: strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, mangoes, and avocados will be the center of attention for young and old movie fans and those with a sweet tooth.

Connected to the campaign, a trip for four to Valencia will be raffled among German and Austrian consumers. There, the lucky ones will enjoy the Spanish way of life and learn about the cultivation of the tasteful and juicy mandarins and oranges in the citrus fields of the Llusar family.

Fruit from SanLucar thrives in harmony with nature. The more than 100 varieties of SanLucar`s fruit and vegetables are constantly controlled, carefully packed and quickly delivered. "That way, our clients receive only the most delicious and freshest fruit. Get the chance to see it for yourself in Spain," says Nuria Pizán, Brand & Creative Director at SanLucar.

The familiar motif from "101 Dalmatians" whets the appetite for fresh fruit and invites you to take another look at the Disney classic. Sanlucar’s strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, mangoes, and avocados, together with the cute flock of puppies from "101 Dalmatians" make these healthy snacks even more exciting. SanLucar has already been committed to a wholesome diet for children for many years. "The foundation for a healthy life is built at a young age," says Nuria Pizán.

The company offers attractive sales material to retailers and interested parties. Top signs, display stands and sales folders as well as social media activities on Facebook and Instagram are part of the "dotted" animal promotional campaign.


About SanLucar

SanLucar is a global company that is dedicated to bringing people natural joy of life and health in a way it can be proud of. Offering a variety of more than 100 delicious fruits and vegetables from more than 35 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the broadest top-quality assortment in the German, Austrian and Dutch retail market. The portfolio also includes smoothies, fresh cut, as well as flowers and plants and now also ice cream. Currently, SanLucar is expanding into Canada, Italy, England, Scandinavia, Poland, Ecuador, the Middle East and North Africa. 

SanLucar, founded in 1993 by Stephan Rötzer, is headquartered in Valencia (Spain) with over 4,000 employees in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Dubai, South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia, both in its office branches and on its own farms. The philosophy "Taste in harmony with people and nature" is the foundation for all actions of SanLucar as well as the basis for many social and sustainable projects.



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