Indoor growers partner to expand spinach distribution

Indoor growers partner to expand spinach distribution

Indoor leafy greens grower BrightFarms is teaming up with Element Farms in New Jersey to set a new standard for indoor-grown produce in the Northeast. Both trailblazers in sustainable, controlled environment agriculture (CEA), this mutually beneficial partnership allows BrightFarms to distribute Element Farms’ indoor-grown spinach throughout the Northeast under the BrightFarms brand, further satisfying the strong consumer demand for high-quality, locally grown spinach.

“This partnership with Element Farms is an important step forward for BrightFarms. We will continue to be leaders in CEA salads, delivering the assortment our retail partners and consumers demand,” says Steve Campione, CFO and Executive Vice President of Strategy at BrightFarms. “BrightFarms has been the leader in indoor spinach production since we launched the product in retail stores in 2016. Partnering with Element Farms gives us greater supply leveraging two models for successful spinach production.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering up with BrightFarms, a company we’ve admired for a long time, on this deal that will expand the reach of our indoor-grown spinach impressively,” says Serdar Mizrakci, CEO of Element Farms. “BrightFarms’ mission is similar to ours and they are just as passionate about sustainability and indoor-grown innovation, which is what is truly going to make this relationship successful long term.”

In a testament to a shared vision for sustainability, key retailer partner The Giant Company will be the first to introduce the product across all 190 stores. The decision to partner with Giant is driven by the shared focus on sustainability by all three companies.

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