From shipping container to green machine

From shipping container to green machine

TUCSON, Ariz. -One of the biggest challenges of climate change is figuring out how to produce enough food. Students and scientists at University of Arizona’s Bisophere 2 in Oracle, Arizona are working on a solution: a container farm that can grow as much produce as more than an acre of land.

“Kale, basil, arugula, bok name it, we’ve probably got it going,” said Jordan Collins, a UA graduate student and Biosphere 2 technician.

Right now, with just one “Freight Farm,” the B2 teams is growing 800 heads of lettuce a week. It does everything hydroponically, and gives these lush, green walls of produce all the light, temperature control, and nutrients they need.

”We’re using less water, less electricity, than a traditional farm - which is huge. We’re using less resources, getting bigger yields out of it,” Collins said.

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Photo Provided by Tucson (Sierra Vista) KOLD



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