Another vertical farm comes to Saudi Arabia

Another vertical farm comes to Saudi Arabia

Vertical farming has great potential to help alleviate rising desertification in the Middle East, which could threaten the region’s food supply in the future.

Saudi Arabia will soon receive a new vertical farm. 

The Saudi agriculture technology company Mowreq and YesHealth Group, another agrotech firm based in Taiwan, established a joint venture today to develop a network of vertical farms throughout Saudi Arabia. They will start by building a vertical farm in the capital, Riyadh. The venture, named Vertical Farms Company, aims for the farm to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2023, they said in a press release. 

What it means: Vertical farming is the process of growing food in vertically stacked layers in an indoor space. It utilizes technology to grow plants in the air or in water as opposed to soil. Some vertical farms use fish to generate nutrients, while others use solutions containing nutrients. Artificial light is also used instead of sunlight. 

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