The development of Super Serie Fusion

The development of Super Serie Fusion

The development of a new plant does not always start with a preconceived plan. Or like Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, says: “You do not wake up one day thinking: and now I am going to make something special.” The latest addition to the assortment of Schoneveld Breeding is Super Serie Fusion. The story of this extraordinary Cyclamen starts in Japan.

Two-toned leaf latest addition to Cyclamen assortment

“The unique features of Super Serie Fusion occur naturally in Japan”, says Gerard. “We came across it and considered it a great opportunity. We started to work on the development in 2012.”

Unique petals

Gerard and his team aimed to develop a large-flowered Cyclamen with striking, two-toned flowers. Bringing together exactly the right features in one strong product was an interesting challenge. Super Serie Fusion Large reacts strongly to climate, which made development challenging. Gerard: “If the climate is sub-optimal, you may find neon-coloured flowers instead of bright coloured. That was an important point to keep in mind.”

Typical features

It was important to Gerard to persevere and develop something unique. “You do not want to come with a product that already exists. We were looking for a two-toned, large-flowered Cyclamen which flowers consistently. Additionally, the well-known Super Serie characteristics like uniformity in colours and blooming needed to be maintained.” The result is a Cyclamen that is almost identical to grow as the current Super Serie XL. In the Summer, Super Serie Fusion Large colours neon at first. After that, it grows out to an eye-catcher with characteristic two-toned flowers. Super Serie Midi is added to the series at a later stage. This Cyclamen already gives the typical two-toned flowers in the Summer and is cultivated similarly to the current Super Serie Allure.

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Photo: Schoneveld Breeding



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