Syngenta introduces Delta Pro pansy series

Syngenta introduces Delta Pro pansy series

Syngenta's newest pansy series features uniform and fast finishing times. Syngenta Flowers announces an upgrade to its pansy varieties with the new Delta Pro series. Delta Pro offers growers a single solution with programmable large-flowered pansy series for both spring and autumn sales. This new lineup aims to simplify planning and maximize profitability with uniform and fast finishing times.

The Delta Pro plant structure has been designed with a vigorous root system, particularly important during summer production, which allows for reliable autumn sales. The plants also feature a robust basal branching, quickly covering containers before putting on color. The powerful plant body, paired with durable peduncles, easily supports the large, 3-inch-wide blooms through transportation to the retail bench.

“Precision in production has been the objective for years in the making,” says Marianne Sela, head of global seed development. “Our breeding teams have had laser focus on bringing a completely refreshed lineup of Delta genetics with the tightest flowering window of any large-flowered pansy series. This allows growers to predictably deliver a complete lineup to retail at one time.”

Beyond retail, Delta Pro will be great for professional landscapers, as all colors are matched in production and the garden, allowing for uninterrupted blends from color to color. 

“We’re launching Delta Pro with four designer mixes, but the seamless uniformity across all colors allows landscape clients to mix and match any colors needed for their custom installations with solid confidence for season-long performance,” says Mike Murgiano, global strategic portfolio manager for Syngenta Flowers. 

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