Peat alternatives help reduce costs

Peat alternatives help reduce costs

Growers across the horticulture industry rely on peat moss for growing media. It is an important component of many soil mixes, and difficult to replace. However, more growers are looking to reduce costs and engage in sustainable practices, which includes reducing their use of peat.

Wood Fiber Reduces Shipping Costs

One alternative to peat growing in popularity is wood fiber. Wood fiber can be used alone or mixed with peat and perlite.

Head Grower Steve Garvey of Dallas Johnson Greenhouses in Council Bluffs, IA, uses a 70/30 mix of peat and wood fiber. He has used this mix for the last six years to engage in sustainable production practices and to help reduce shipping costs. Peat and wood fiber are both in a condensed form when shipped, so more of the product can fit on a truckload. This helps reduce shipping costs compared to products such as perlite and bark that are not shipped in a condensed form.

When starting to work with wood fiber, there is a learning curve because it retains moisture differently than wood bark mixes.

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Photo: John Constantine of Constantine’s Garden Center in Richfield, OH, says his mums, which are grown with PittMoss, grow beautifully. Shown above are 12-inch hanging baskets. Credit: John Constantine.



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