Magic happens with Fairy Magnolia

Magic happens with Fairy Magnolia

With their revolutionary line of compact, evergreen and profusely flowering Fairy Magnolia, Australian plant breeder’s agent Anthony Tesselaar and award-winning plant breeder Mark Jury from New Zealand add a special and fragrant dimension to plant borders, hedges, patios, and balconies. Launched nearly ten years ago, the Fairy Magnolia brand continues to thrive in the global nursery stock sector as it creates a magical experience for wholesale plant growers, plant buyers and gardeners alike.

Innovation is key in today’s ferocious breeders’ competition, and the global nursery stock sector is no different. Plant breeders and growers are constantly pressured to introduce new products for customers. But successful innovation does not occur overnight. In ornamental plant breeding, the ‘magic’ often happens after a myriad of crossings, trialling, and a relentless search for the perfect growth habit, hardiness level, colour, pest and a good pest and disease resistance and fragrance.

The roots of Fairy Magnolia – for example, go back to the turn of the century when plant breeder Mark Jury from Taranaki in New Zealand took a particular interest in Michelia, which until 2000 was a separate genus but was subsequently reclassified botanically as a Magnolia.

Magnificent Magnolias

Mark Jury, aka New Zealand’s Mr Magnolia, loves the way how magnificently Magnolias express themselves in the more than 200 species in the genus that originate worldwide.

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Photo: AIPH