Danziger celebrates InnovationFest success

Danziger celebrates InnovationFest success

Company launches the 2024 season breeding in tune with nature.

The stage is set for a beautiful and innovative growing season. Danziger’s InnovationFest kicked off 2024 by celebrating the beauty of nature. Customers and partners from more than 50 organizations around the world visited the company’s R&D facility in Israel during the month-long celebration. In addition to getting a first look at new 2024 genetics, attendees were provided with inspiring program ideas, new display concepts and introduced to ways nature inspires the Danziger’s technology-driven breeding.

The event also doubled as a birthday celebration for Danziger’s owners, Zehava and Ernest Danziger, who turned 97 and 99 respectively. The couple founded the company in the early 1950s and have shared their passion for growing ever since. Ernest Danziger characterized the celebration and the beauty of Danziger’s.


Danziger Celebrates InnovationFest Success

Company launches the 2024 season breeding in tune with nature introductions as miracles, inviting the attendees to “enjoy their days in Israel and to return home to cultivate our plants, who’s roots are from the soil of the Holy Land.”

InnovationFest also offered virtual learning opportunities including an educational webinar on "Navigating the New Consumer,” available on- demand here. Danziger representatives are also providing one-on-one tours of the 2024 new varieties and marketing concepts. Contact your Danziger representative to learn more.

At this year’s event, new varieties were showcased in program groups, based on their benefits to growers.

Summer Celebration

Danziger’s state of the art facilities and world-class breeders come together to create exceptional varieties. Because these new selections are created in Israel’s hot and arid climate, you know they’ll provide excellent heat tolerance. The Summer Celebration program features GEMTM Lantana, MAI TAITM Mimulus, ALONIATM Angelonia angustifolia, and Danziger’s popular Portulaca series just to name a few.

Beautiful and early blooming, these new Angelonia angustifolia put on a show from spring through summer. 2024 will see the new ALONIAÔ Purple and three new colors of ALONIAÔ BIG. Both series offers great heat tolerance and an upright habit. They can be grown in small pots but continue to gain size in the garden. ALONIAÔ BIG Cherry was a customer favorite at InnovationFest, with bright, fuchsia blooms. ALONIAÔ BIG Grape and Bicolor ALONIAÔ BIG Pink Improved bring the BIG series to a total of seven colors. The new ALONIAÔ Purple is the sixth color in that series.


Best for Baskets

Danziger is putting specific emphasis on breeding for consistent performance. Creating the right size plants gives growers flexibility and provides opportunities for lower inputs. The Best for Basket program includes LIATM Calibrachoa, HARMONY® COLORFALLTM New Guinea Impatiens, OSTICADETM Osteospermum ecklonis and more, including a new COLIBRITM Calibrachoa pattern.

Danziger is adding a little spark to the COLIBRIÔ Calibrachoa series with a new special pattern. COLIBRITM Spark Purple features a sunburst style eye that adds depth and intrigue. This early flowering, controlled growth series requires very little PGRs, making it the perfect choice for small pot production and tidy hanging baskets.


The WOW Factor

If you’re looking for varieties that grab consumer attention at retail, Danziger’s WOW factor collection is it. These true showstoppers varieties offer spectacular color, unique patters and loads of blooms that turn heads at the garden center. GOLFTM Beauty Imp Craspedia globosa, SALLYFUNTM Blue Lagoon Salvia farinacea, CAPELLATM Hello Petunia hybrida are just a few of the WOW Factor plants.

CASCADIASTM Vibrant Pink, part of the CASCADIASTM Petunia series is the latest Danziger introduction offering the WOW factor. CASCADIAS Vibrant Pink provides glowing, hot-pink blooms that cover the plant. Perfect for hanging baskets or cascading in the landscape, this petunia draws gardeners in.

Powerful, Groundbreaking Perennials 

Danziger perennials offer growers flexibility and the long-lasting flower power every home gardener craves.

Danziger is adding a new echinacea series to its 2024 collection. GUATEMALAÔ Gold features golden sunset hued petals that surround beautiful tall cones. GUATEMALA Gold flowers in weeks 22 to 24, then provides long lasting bloom power for the home gardener. It is the second URC echinacea to hit the market (Danziger’s award-winning PANAMAÔ Red was the first.) GUATEMALA is a first year flowering perennial with no vernalization or bulking required.

Join in the celebration, and kick off your season with Danziger's 2024 varieties.

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About Danziger

Through innovative floriculture, creative collaboration, and a spark of imagination, Danziger strives to develop extraordinary flowers to help customers achieve extraordinary success. Danziger is a global leader in bedding plant and cut flower breeding, backed by one of the largest R&D departments in the world. More than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders work to invent new varieties that are more durable, efficient, profitable, and BEAUTIFUL. Nearly 1,000 customers in more than 60 countries benefit from Danziger varieties. Founded in 1953, the family-owned company is committed to bringing personal service to its customers. Danziger employs more than 1,500 people worldwide, with propagation facilities in Israel, Guatemala, Kenya, and Colombia. For more information, visit our website: www.danzigeronline.com  



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