A collaborative approach to keep poinsettias free of pests

A collaborative approach to keep poinsettias free of pests

Poinsettias are prone to multiple bacterial and fungal diseases, and they can also be susceptible to a range of insect pests, from gnats to whiteflies to thrips.

Fortunately, given the history of the poinsettia plant and its connection to the holiday season, federal agencies have taken an all-in approach to protecting this important crop.

Of the various diseases and pests affecting poinsettia during production, the IR-4 project has worked to develop efficacy information on some key problems: phytophthora root rots, pythium root rots, bacterial diseases, botrytis, Q and B biotype whiteflies, mealybugs, scale, and Western flower thrips. In addition, IR-4 has conducted 40 crop safety trials to determine whether products may be applied to poinsettias without injury or without leaving unsightly residues.

With IR-4 data, the following products have been registered:

  • Bacterial diseases*: Regalia, ZeroTol
  • Botrytis*: Botector, Broadform, Mural, Orkestra, Regime, Spirato, Stargus
  • Phytophthora and pythium*: Heritage, Insignia, Rootshield Plus, Segway, Subdue Maxx
  • Mealybugs and scale: Aria, Altus, GrandEvo, Sarisa, Ventigra
  • Thrips: Altus, Aria, Grandevo, Hachi-Hachi, Mainspring, Overture, Pedastal, Safari, Xxpire
  • Whiteflies*: Aria, Grandevo, Pedestal, Rycar, Xxpire

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Photo by Jessica Fadel on Unsplash



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