Farming goes indoors at Aurora's Kalera Leafy Green Operation

Food insecurity remains a huge problem in Colorado, and as climate change impacts the growing season, some see indoor farming as an answer.

Kalera is a global vertical farming company, and it opened a leafy greens farm in Aurora in April.

"The most important thing is to perfect mother nature inside," said Austin Martin, President of North America and Chief Operations Officer of Kalera.

Inside an Aurora warehouse, Mother Nature is hard at work growing leafy greens. Kalera grows several varieties of full head lettuce, as well as, loose leaf lettuce and microgreens. All grown in a two story facility, instead of across acres.

"We use 99-percent less land for the amount of lettuce that we can grow, so it's very efficient for the land," Martin explained.

Vertical farming has been around since the 1960's, but not to the scale that would make it economically viable.

"It's really in the last decade that the convergence of technology and the cost to operate that technology has got to the point where a product can be grown at scale and produce something that consumers can afford on an everyday basis," Martin told CBS4.

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Photo Courtesy of Kalera

Source: Msn


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