Turkish Parliament owns largest greenhouse among the world

Turkish Parliament owns largest greenhouse among the world
Some of the flowers grown in the greenhouses in the Parliament's garden, Ankara, Türkiye, Dec. 7, 2023. (AA Photo)

Among the Parliaments across the world, the Turkish Grand National Assembly has the largest agricultural area, with no other Parliament boasting such a greenhouse production facility, according to an expert.

he lush greenhouses nestled within the expansive garden of the Turkish Parliament, boasting one of the world's most extensive green areas among Parliaments, serve as a vibrant hub producing an array of flowers and plants. Not only do these greenhouses cater to the needs of the Parliament, but their surplus yield is also available for sale.

Encompassing diverse flora and meticulously designed landscapes, the Turkish Parliament garden goes beyond its ornate appearance. It harbors a greenhouse that provides a conducive environment for cultivating plants that typically don't thrive in Ankara's climate.

The produce from these greenhouses plays a multifaceted role, adorning interior designs, particularly in landscaping endeavors and embellishing various activities hosted within the Parliament's campus.

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