Pure Flavor acquires Cervini Farms C5

Pure Flavor acquires Cervini Farms C5

Leamington, ON – Continuing its growth path fueling significant plans for expansion, Pure Flavor® announces the acquisition of Cervini Farms C5 in Leamington, ON to add to its expanding portfolio of greenhouses and distribution centers.

“The addition of the Cervini Farms C5 location was an opportunity to strengthen our strategic footprint. Increasing our owned acreage helps facilitate our growth alongside our grower partners and supports our need of scaling up our operations to drive efficiencies. We are excited to add them to our Pure Flavor® family”, said Jamie Moracci, President.

Jamie Moracci

The location of the Cervini Farms C5 facility is adjacent to Pure Flavor®’s home farm in Leamington which now creates a 350-acre, state of the art, flagship Pure Flavor® Campus. The company’s strategic investments are focused on solidifying its future as an industry leader.

“Our company leadership’s ability to recognize & analyze strategic acquisition opportunities continues to breathe enthusiasm into greater expansion possibilities”, said Jeff Moracci, Chief Financial Officer & Partner. “The acquisition of the Cervini Farms C5 location was a competitive process which drew much interest from the industry; yet in the end our group demonstrated an ability to transact this deal in an efficient, transparent, and authentic manner. Pure Flavor®’s ability to successfully navigate through the process demonstrates the company’s capabilities to effectively capitalize on investment opportunities. As a family-operated business, Pure Flavor® fully embraced the opportunity to acquire additional acreage and the resources associated with the operation to not only preserve jobs but also create even more economic opportunities across all its facilities in the region”, said Jeff Moracci.

Jeff Moracci

“These are exciting times for our company and our employees. We will continue to evaluate strategic opportunities to scale up in a mindful way to fuel our growth”, commented Jamie Moracci. In the last 60 days, Pure Flavor® also completed the construction of the company’s new Phase IV, 40-acre organic greenhouse and 210,000 sq ft. centralized packhouse and distribution center in Leamington. The addition of 115 acres of greenhouse production this year will ensure an even greater supply of products year-round for Pure FlavorX's retail and foodservice customers throughout North America. 

With expansion comes a need for greater resources, talent-wise, to support the growth. Pure Flavor® continues to lead extensive recruitment drives at all its facilities.

Pure Flavor® is on a significant growth path to support their increased demand for fresh, greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables year-round. Future expansion plans beyond the Cervini Farms C5 location & DeTemporada Farms acquisitions are ongoing to develop more region-specific facilities as well as explore new product opportunities. 

To learn more about Pure Flavor®, please visit http://www.pure-flavor.com .



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