Eden Green Technology expands its distribution network

Eden Green Technology expands its distribution network

Eden Green Technology, a cutting-edge indoor vertical farming company, has announced that its produce is now being supplied to more than 400 retail stores throughout the United States. To further its mission of making fresh, locally-grown produce more affordable and accessible, the company plans to break ground on two additional facilities in Texas later this year, effectively doubling its capacity.

Lettuce, a staple in the U.S., is among the most challenging vegetables to grow sustainably and safely. Over 90% of the country’s leafy greens are grown in California and Arizona, leading to complicated supply chain logistics, high distribution and energy costs, and diminished safety, taste, and freshness. Eden Green Technology aims to address these issues by offering lettuce that can travel from farm to shelf within 48 hours and cover 85% less distance than traditional supply chains.

This innovative approach allows producers, retailers, and suppliers to dependably expand their white-label and private-label offerings while also making produce more accessible and affordable for consumers. Robinson Fresh, a primary provider of fresh produce and supply chain services, is the exclusive distributor of Eden Green’s produce. In addition, the company will supply romaine and butterhead lettuce under the “Robinson Fresh” brand to some of the largest retailers in the U.S.

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