Everspring shortens floral supply chain with online wholesale

Everspring shortens floral supply chain with online wholesale

The company Flora Logistics has officially launched its new company brand; Everspring. Everspring is the online floral marketplace that directly connects growers and retailers. With the platform, Everspring shortens the floral supply chain by enabling retailers to sell fresh plants and flowers to their customers, sourced directly from the grower.

Everspring started its journey because it believes that today's floral industry is outdated, fragmented, and overcomplicated. Therefore, the company has developed a hassle-free wholesale marketplace that directly connects growers and retailers across Europe. With the platform, Everspring offers next-level agrilogistics: it is now possible for retailers to deliver a wide range of top-quality products to consumers, fresh from the nursery and via the shortest possible route. Bas den Hoed, CEO at Everspring says: "E-commerce is a challenging job. With our platform, we make it very easy. Growers can connect their e-commerce offerings with retailer webshops, such as DIY stores, supermarkets, garden centers, and platforms such as Bol.com, Kaufland, and Amazon. We believe in shorter supply chains in the floral industry, driven by Eversprings' end-to-end  technology  and logistic solutions."  

Allowing retailers to grow their business
Everspring connects retailers directly to a trusted network of floral suppliers across Europe. Retailers who are affiliated with Everspring can offer the assortment of growers directly to their consumers without the need to have them in stock. Bas: "This means fair prices, fresh supply, and a sustainable and efficient supply chain. With our hassle-free platform, retailers don't have to worry about a thing. We take care of all the payments. And together with the growers and fulfilment partners, we handle the transport to the consumer's doorstep."

Offering growers a place to sell directly to retailers and consumers
When growers connect to the platform, Everspring enables them to sell their fresh products directly to consumers. Through their own sales channel or via a trusted and broad network of European retailers. The proprietary technology automates the whole supply chain and eliminates unnecessary links. Some growers who are already successfully connected to the platform include VDA Plant, OK Plant, and Plantanious amongst many others.

A short and transparent chain
Bas: "With a dedicated team we share our floral knowledge, and create smart technical and supply chain solutions that make it easier for retailers and growers to grow and scale their business. At Everspring, we take pride in contributing to a more sustainable world by making the supply chain as short and transparent as possible. We are scaling our business and cannot wait for other retailers and growers to join." | www.everspring.app   

Source: HortiBiz


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