The ultimate tool for cannabis cultivation at MJBizCon ‘23

The ultimate tool for cannabis cultivation at MJBizCon ‘23
Douglas Miller -Canadian Greenhouse Conference

Growing cannabis is all about control – creating the ideal conditions to grow quality buds, prevent molds, preserve terpenes, and uphold strict regulations at all stages.

One of the main growing factors that has a major impact on cultivation, as well as the end products, is humidity control. High humidity is inevitable in any closed cannabis grow and is the main culprit behind some of the most common diseases and molds found in commercial cannabis greenhouses and grow rooms

Full Control with DryGair

Leading dehumidifier manufacturer, DryGair, will be presenting their patented humidity control solution at the upcoming MJBizCon in Las Vegas. The DG dehumidification system provides efficient, high-capacity humidity control, optimized for indoor and greenhouse cannabis production.

The units also include a unique air circulation module to create uniform conditions throughout the space. This ensures consistent bud quality, and provides another level of protection against molds.

Chad S., master grower at EU-GMP certified cannabis producer, SafriCanna, uses DryGair for humidity control, mildew prevention, and even energy savings:

“Since using DryGair we’ve seen amazing improvements to our product quality and yield. We’ve been able to reduce the number of molds. At the end of the day, we extract a lot more flower from the rooms than we used to.”

The GMP and GAP approved solution from DryGair is ideal for large-scale cannabis grow rooms and greenhouses, as well as drying rooms.

DryGair Appoints New Sales & Marketing Director for N. America

DryGair has recently added Douglas Miller to the team, as Sales and Marketing Director for N. America. Miller brings over 27 years of experience in horticulture, dealing with various technologies and innovations in the agriculture industry.

“Dehumidification is one of the most important developments in modern horticulture. I think it’s clear that, moving forward, this technology will be increasingly widespread. We see more and more growers realizing that it’s an overall effective tool – improving yields, preventing diseases, and saving significant amounts of energy. I’m excited for this future, and happy to put my experience to good use with DryGair.”

Visit DryGair at MJBizCon ‘23

DryGair will be presenting their flagship units, the DG-12, designed for large-scale greenhouses, and the DG-X, designed for indoor grow rooms and small cannabis greenhouses.

Visit DryGair at booth, #39029 in the Cultivation Pavilion, along with partners, AdeptAg. To book a meeting ahead of time, contact DryGair through the company website.