17 Dutch agtech firms to embark on trade mission to S. Arabia

17 Dutch agtech firms to embark on trade mission to S. Arabia

WESTLAND, Netherlands- Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD), a provider of Dutch expertise in protected cropping, in collaboration with the InnovationQuarter and the Agricultural office of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Riyadh hosted a horticultural trade mission to Saudi Arabia. The mission was occuring in Ryadh to coincide with Saudi Agriculture (17-20 October), known as the premier agriculture B2B event in the Gulf region.

On this trade mission seventeen ag tech companies, including Artechno, Bayer- de Ruiter Seeds, BOM Group, Certhon, Grodan, Hatenboer-Water, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Horti XS, Lumiforte, Koppert Biological Systems, Kubo, Priva, Ridder, Royal Brinkman, Signify, Svensson, and van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, aimed to make introductions that result in commercially valuable implementations of greenhouse technology within the country’s greenhouse developments.

Michiel F. van Ginkel, CEO of  Dutch Greenhouse Delta noted, “Saudi Arabia is in need of high-tech solutions and knowledge in realising efficient, sustainable, and safe food production. That is why the country has launched a major reform programme entitled  ‘Vision 2030’,  a strategic framework to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil and diversify its economy.

“It earmarks significant funding towards dramatically bolstering the country’s food production and processing power. The challenging climate, however, requires innovation and sustainability in agriculture to produce high-quality fruits and vegetables year-round.

In recent years, the Saudi government as well as the business community – has shown great interest in Dutch advanced and tech solutions to safely produce food. Meanwhile, an extensive network of relationships between the Dutch horticultural sector and Saudi Arabia has been established, which led to projects with several of our partners.”

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Photo: Greenhouse in Saudi Arabia. Credit: Hoogendoorn Growth Management.



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