Priva to present at Cultivate 2024: Future-proofing your greenhouse

Priva to present at Cultivate 2024: Future-proofing your greenhouse
Photo: Priva

Vineland Station, Ontario – July 5, 2024 – Priva, a global leader in developing innovative solutions for sustainable horticulture, is excited to announce its presentation at Cultivate 2024. Join us on Monday, July 15, at 11:00 AM on the Cultivate Live Stage for an insightful session titled "Future-proofing Your Greenhouse Business through Data, Knowledge, and Technology."

Greenhouse growers face numerous challenges, from managing labor and energy costs to tracking deadlines and weather forecasts. They must meticulously plan crops, maintain effective climate control systems, and develop growing strategies to ensure optimal growth and productivity.

The Role of Data in Greenhouse Operations

Data is crucial for optimizing plant growth and operational efficiency. Metrics such as temperature, humidity, light levels, soil moisture, and nutrient levels are essential for maintaining ideal growing conditions. Analyzing this data enables informed decisions about irrigation, ventilation, pest management, and crop selection. Data-driven insights also facilitate predictive analytics, allowing growers to anticipate issues like disease outbreaks or environmental changes before they impact crop yields. Data empowers growers to achieve higher yields, better crop quality, and sustainable farming practices.

Innovation and Knowledge Transfer

Over time, growers accumulate valuable knowledge and data about optimal growing conditions, crop responses, and effective strategies. The latest technology can help facilitate knowledge transfer by documenting successful approaches, creating presets for different crops, and sharing insights with team members. Integrating data into greenhouse operations enhances sustainability, profitability, and resilience against future challenges.

Accessing Technology and Integrations

With accurate data, greenhouse operations can access technology to innovate, adapt to changing market demands, and remain competitive long-term. Data ensures precision and efficiency, enabling resource optimization and cost reduction. It supports predictive maintenance, improved crop yield and quality, informed decision-making, regulatory compliance, and risk management. Additionally, data helps in identifying and mitigating risks such as pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions.

Future-Proofing Greenhouse Operations

What does the future hold for greenhouse operations? How can growers future-proof their businesses? Priva will explore the latest essential technologies and how they can be seamlessly integrated into greenhouse operations. Attendees will learn about cutting-edge technologies, including AI, API, vision, machine learning, and predictive growing.

Join Us at Cultivate 2024

Priva invites all growers and industry professionals to attend this engaging and informative presentation. Discover how data, knowledge, and technology can future-proof your greenhouse business, ensuring sustainability and success in an ever-evolving industry.

Presentar: Mr. Cesar Salaverria, Priva North America

Special guest speaker: Erik van der Made, Aranet Wireless Sensors

Date: Monday, July 15, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Cultivate Live Stage, Cultivate 2024, Columbus, Ohio

Priva booth at Cultivate’24: #1417

About Priva:

Priva is a global leader in innovative solutions for controlled environment agriculture, providing advanced technologies and services to optimize crop production in indoor and greenhouse environments. With a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, Priva empowers growers to achieve higher yields and quality while minimizing environmental impact.



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