Omex Agrifluids is exhibiting at India’s biggest agri show

Omex Agrifluids is exhibiting at India’s biggest agri show
First class cherry tomatoes – the fruits of foliar feeding using Omex soluble nutrient products (Picture Credit Omex)

India is a big country showcasing a wide spectrum of climate, crops and growing systems and with the need for correspondingly big agricultural shows. And they don’t come any bigger and better than KISAN in Pune held this year over five days from Wednesday 13 December 2023 to Sunday 17 December 2023.

KISAN, India’s biggest trade fair for agriculture held in Pune, Maharashtra, is the place where Indian government officials, policy makers and media representatives meet with farmers, and is the place to win new contracts. This particular trade fair is a vitally important information and communication stage for agriculture and horticulture, and offers companies which exhibit the opportunity to present themselves to a completely professional audience. Visitors to KISAN 2023 can catch up on the latest trends and developments whether in products or services within agricultural and horticultural sectors.

We are pleased to be exhibiting at this show”, says Peter Prentis, managing director at Omex Agrifluids a designer and manufacturer of high-quality, soluble plant nutrient products. Peter Prentis will be on the Omex stand (No 102 Agri Inputs Pavilion) to meet with delegates and attendees.

Omex will be exhibiting a full range of company products but pride of place must go to ‘Omex Albert Solution’ a soluble powder product custom-designed for Indian farmers and growers and now entering its sixth year since introduction onto the Indian market in 2018.

Peter Prentis sums up the success of Omex Albert Solution in three words – complete, balanced and water-soluble:

  • Complete in containing a full complement of essential plant nutrients:
    • Macronutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium
    • Mesonutrients – calcium, magnesium, sulphur
    • Micronutrients – copper, zinc, iron, boron manganese, molybdenum
  • Balanced by containing a full range of nutrients working in unison
  • Water-soluble nutrients are rapidly taken up by the foliage and moved and used with ease inside the crop plant.

That said the company’s display at KISAN 2023 will be far wider than Omex Albert Solution as important as the product is to Indian agriculture and horticulture. “It will encompass a wide range of our globally-used soluble liquid and soluble powder products which are marketed throughout India for use on widest range of commercial crops and farming systems,” says Peter Prentis. Omex soluble nutrient products are used worldwide in greenhouses and outdoor cropping systems, rain-fed and irrigated farming systems and plantation, orchard, field, vegetable and flower crops.

Peter Prentis gives more detailed information about other Omex products.

“Omex Bio20 – contains a full complement of essential plant nutrients and a biostimulatory seaweed extract to boost growth and ‘bust stress’ at any time in the crop cycle, and especially during the early stages including seed germination and seedling establishment.

Omex Kingfol Zinc – a high soluble-zinc product (70 per cent zinc w/v) sprayed on crops to overcome the widespread problem of soil zinc depletion and zinc lock-down and zinc lockup which can occur in a wide range of soil types, and especially phosphorous-rich soils where zinc reacts with phosphorous to form insoluble zinc phosphate.

Omex Sequential 2 – is a broadly-based profile of nutrients ideal for a correspondingly wide range of crops and cropping systems. Omex Sequential 2 is especially high in potassium for the maintenance of good plant water relations and has ample magnesium for those light sandy soils which are frequently deficient in this key component of the chlorophyll molecule and therefore the photosynthesis pathway.

Omex Calcium Boron – combining one of the best known mesonutrients (calcium) with perhaps the least well known and appreciated micronutrient (boron), but vital nevertheless. Boron has deep involvement and vitally important roles in many aspects of metabolism from the transport of sugars across plant walls to sexual reproduction mechanisms including fertilisation and fruit formation.

Omex Calmax Gold and Omex DP98 – this duo of Omex products works in tandem to ensure farmers and growers get the very best from their inputs of calcium. Calcium is essentially the plant resilience and ‘fruit finish’ nutrient which strengthens plant cell walls and ensures excellent ‘fruit’ finish for a wide range of fruit crops including top fruit (apples and pears), stone fruit (plums, peaches, cherries), soft fruit (strawberries and raspberries), tomato, melons and grapes. Omex Calmax Gold contains soluble calcium at the very high concentration of 24 per cent (w/v), but calcium is an inherently sluggish nutrient needing assistance to be taken up and to move within the plant to sites of usage. This assistance is provided by Omex DP98 with its 37.5 per cent (w/v) phosphorous as the phosphite ion which enhances the uptake and movement of the inherently ‘lazy’ divalent calcium ion. Omex Calmax Gold and Omex DP98 are sprayed in tandem to the widest range of crops where the calcium content is crucial. “

Peter Prentis will be pleased to meet established and new clients (distributors, importers and end users) on the Omex Stand (No 102 Agri Inputs Pavilion), to discuss new and exciting opportunities for crop production in India and all other countries in the wider Asian arena.

Further information and details from:

Peter Prentis, Managing Director Omex Agrifluids Limited. Saddlebow Road, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE34 3JA, United Kingdom. Telephone: +44 1553 817500. Fax: +44 1553 817501.




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