Hortibiz NewsRadio reports live from VertiFarm

Hortibiz NewsRadio reports live from VertiFarm

GERMANY, Dortmund - Hortibiz NewsRadio's very own reporter Romy Stuik has taken center stage as the moderator at the highly-anticipated VertiFarm trade fair in Dortmund, Germany. With the event kicking off today and set to run until September 28, Romy's expertise in the horticultural industry shines through as she engages with exhibitor companies, conducting insightful interviews that promise to be broadcasted on Hortibiz NewsRadio. Her role as moderator not only adds a layer of professionalism to the event but also ensures that listeners around the world can tune in to gain valuable insights from the leading players in the world of vertical farming and horticulture.

For the second consecutive year, Hortibiz Daily WorldNews and Hortibiz NewsRadio have proudly resumed their role as the official media partners for the prestigious VertiFarm trade fair in Dortmund, Germany. Building upon their successful collaboration from the previous year, this partnership underscores their commitment to promoting innovation and excellence within the horticultural industry. With their global reach and unwavering dedication to delivering the latest developments, Hortibiz Daily and Hortibiz NewsRadio are set to once again play a pivotal role in showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and industry insights that VertiFarm has to offer, making this year's event even more dynamic and influential.

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Messe Dortmund is holding the second edition of VertiFarm – the international trade show covering innovative, sustainable cultivation and breeding methods of the future – between 26 and 28 September 2023. This information event and buyer-meets-seller platform focuses on resource-saving healthy alternative foodstuffs produced through the application of controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Key enablers for moving cultivation towards CEA are next-level farming and new food systems which the event will cover compactly and in some depth.

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