Hort Science Live is coming to Scotland – Nov 23

Hort Science Live is coming to Scotland – Nov 23

SCOTLAND - ICL is delighted to announce its popular Hort Science Live (HSL) event is coming to Scotland for the first time and will focus on sustainability – with a particular focus on growing media raw materials and maximizing plant quality.

The event will be held at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), at the Oatridge Campus at Ecclesmachan, near Edinburgh, on Wednesday, November 23.  

“Four workstations will deliver interesting and thought-provoking content on the key practical themes of growing, nurturing and protecting ornamental crops,” says ICL marketing communications manager, Adam Ferjani.

The event will tackle topical themes including the transition to sustainable growing media; the importance of wetting agent technology; and the role of Osmocote 5 controlled release fertilizer. 

“As the industry gradually reduces its reliance on peat and turns to more sustainable raw materials, it’s vital growers understand where these materials come from, how they work and how to manage them to get the best results,” says Adam.  “Technical area sales manager Chloe Whiteside will outline the pros and cons of different materials and explain how they are mixed to suit different plant types and growing systems.” 


The HSL nurture workstation will feature Osmocote 5 and how it delivers super-efficient and effective nutrient release. “ICL technical manager Andrew Wilson will explain how Osmocote 5 has been painstakingly designed and developed to overcome the specific nutritional challenges faced by growers using peat-reduced and peat-free mixes,” explains Adam.  


With the loss of chemical vine weevil controls, ICL technical manager for controls – Sam Rivers - will highlight the integrated tools at growers’ disposal, including Lalguard M52 GR – a metarhrizium product for incorporation in to growing media.  The event will also feature a workstation on wetting agent technology led by Technical area sales manager Steve Chapman. 

“HSL events are proving to be very popular,” says Adam.  “We’re delighted to be bringing it to Scotland – spaces are limited, so don’t delay registering.”  

Free to attend, to register and receive regular updates, visit https://www.hort-science.com/live/




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