Giants of agri have reached the sky with Growtech

Giants of agri have reached the sky with Growtech

Growtech, the world's biggest greenhouse exhibition, brought together 571 exhibitors from 27 countries and 58.555 visitors from 123 countries at Antalya ANFAŞ Expo Center.

The latest technology and innovations in the agricultural sector were showcased at the Growtech, where the number of total and foreign visitors increased by 9 percent compared to the previous year; strong domestic and foreign companies met with international buyers.

Engin Er, Director of Growtech

Stating that they were excited to bring together the agriculture professionals and the big domestic and foreign companies of the sector at Growtech, which was held for the 21st time this year, Exhibition Director Engin Er said, “The strength of our country in agriculture, which is one of the leading strategic sectors, and our potential in the global world were once again revealed.”

Stating that Growtech, which brings together 571 exhibitors from 27 countries, is the most important trade and marketing organization of the international agriculture sector, He stressed that  professional visitors had the opportunity to win more, expand their businesses, technologies, products and services exploring and innovative approaches in the agricultural sector, with the motto of  "Meet, Grow, Win" .


Engin Er, “Growtech, the world's biggest greenhouse exhibition; in an area of ​​​​60 thousand square meters, it brought together companies with "Greenhouses and Technologies", "Irrigation Systems and Technologies", "Seed", "Plant Nutrition" and "Plant Protection" product groups. We hosted 58.555 visitors from 123 countries for 4 days. This year, Germany and France exhibit as national pavilion for the first time, while 6 countries with the Netherlands, Spain, France, China and South Korea set up pavilions with national exhibitiors.” said.


Stating that they host different events at the Growtech, as every year, He said, “Growtech, which supports innovative works that add value to agricultural production and create sectoral awareness, would be given the ATSO Growtech Agricultural Innovation Awards in cooperation with Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We held the 6th Plant Breeding Project Market in Antalya Teknokent organization and the “Winning Projects Meet with Angel Investors” events. "Agriculture Talks", which were colored with the presentations of valuable names in the field and held in cooperation with Mine Ataman, witnessed inspiring exchanges about agricultural technologies and the future of agriculture.

58.555 visitors from 123 countries visited Growtech 2022 in 4 days

A total of 58.555 visitors from 123 countries attended the Growtech 2022, which grows with domestic and foreign visitors and exhibitors every year.

While 50.448 Turkish visitors visited the Growtech; The number of foreign visitors was 8,107.

In total, the increase in the number of visitors compared to 2021 is 9 percent; The number of foreign visitors also increased by 9 percent. Top 10 countries that visit the expo the most; Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Russia, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and Kazakhstan.

The total number of exhibitor companies reached 571 from 27 countries; 6 countries hosted their visitors in the pavilions as national exhibitors.

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