Fulfilling the promise of vertical farming

Fulfilling the promise of vertical farming

World leaders in the vertical farming industry will be descending on London from 9 to 11 October for the 4th Vertical Farming World Congress.

Meeting close to the Tower of London, the Congress will not only focus on market trends, new technology and product innovation, it will also address the many challenges that have slowed progress recently. 

“There is so much potential for vertical farming, to produce high quality, tasty and nutritious food sustainably as a complement to fields and greenhouses,” commented Richard Hall, Chair of event organisers Zenith Global. “Yet the past year has brought all kinds of disruption from higher energy prices to new business model development on top of economic and supply chain complications.”

“Our theme of Fulfilling the Promise is designed to provide the best possible forum for business leaders to sense renewed confidence and gain ideas for future development.”

Key speakers include the biggest European and international players such as Fischer Farms, Infarm, Jones Food Company, Spread, Stacked Farm and YesHealth alongside American leaders including AeroFarms, CropOne, Freight Farms and 80 Acres. 

There will be special sessions on: new techniques for space exploration; new crop opportunities including strawberries, saffron, tomatoes and basil for cosmetics; branding, marketing and taking innovation to the next level. 

Speakers will also address the overall world market outlook, key indicators for realising profitability and lowering emissions. Other features include a Vertical Farming World Awards Dinner and market development round tables. 

The Congress is sponsored by Philips LED Horticulture Solutions and organised by food and drink expert consultants Zenith Global. 

Full programme and booking details are available at www.zenithglobal.com/events/vfwc2023.  Enquiries can be directed to fhall@zenithglobal.com.




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