FRUIT LOGISTICA offers expert advice and solutions

FRUIT LOGISTICA offers expert advice and solutions

The event programme for the leading trade show for the global fresh produce business, being held in Berlin from 8 to 10 February 2023, provides information on every link in the value-added chain and helps trade visitors to make better business decisions.

FRUIT LOGISTICA, which takes place in Berlin from 8 to 10 February 2023, is not just a fruit and vegetable trade show with unparalleled business and networking opportunities. It also includes the industry’s most extensive programme of conference talks and discussions, all of them free to attend for trade visitors. This makes it a place where industry professionals can deepen their understanding of a complex international market and learn about the latest important innovations.

As the fruit and veg business recovers from the pandemic, new challenges like cost inflation, energy shortages, the war in Ukraine and climate change pose a serious threat. FRUIT LOGISTICA’s content programme provides helpful advice on how to tackle these and other major challenges, thanks to an unrivalled array of speakers who will share their expert insight across different event stages, including:

Fresh Produce Forum
A place to discuss the biggest issues that affect everyone in the fresh produce business – from environmental sustainability to supply chain security, from labour shortages to currency turmoil, from energy sources to consumer spending. Expert speakers at the Fresh Produce Forum offer practical advice on how to navigate a path through these difficult areas and reach profitability.

Future Lab
It’s incredible what science can achieve, and for the fresh produce business, new research can help overcome some really big obstacles to growth. Future Lab lifts the lid on a raft of major innovations, including disease-resistant citrus, the first fully decoded potato genome, and a machine that can taste the sweetness of fruit without even touching it.

Logistics Hub
The series of Logistics Hub sessions looks at the global situation in fresh produce logistics. It takes into account air, sea, road and rail transport, and includes valuable insights as well as technology-based solutions that can help companies achieve new resilience and growth. As cost and capacity pressures mount, trade visitors can learn what new logistical trends are about to emerge

Tech Stage
The Tech Stage makes it possible to experience the technology of tomorrow today. The challenges faced by the fruit trade are manifold and often impossible to overcome without engineered solutions. From processing technology to cultivation methods, to greenhouse technology and watering systems that have a major impact on yield, developments are advancing rapidly in all areas. It is thus all the more important for those involved in the industry not to miss the critical processes and to set the course for the future at the right time. 

Start-up Stage
The Tech Stage becomes the stage for Start-ups and Smart Agri companies on 10 February. Young companies and innovators in the Smart Agri sector will present their business models and discuss new technology as well as their visions for the industry's future. Digital farming, autonomous mobile robotics, supply chain management, the next generation of vertical farming, drone technology, fruit and vegetable quality control software – the topics are as diverse as they are exciting.

With so much on offer at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2023, it’s no surprise to learn that the event will see some of the biggest names in the fresh produce business return as exhibitors. Companies like Citrico Global, Edeka, SanLucar, Zespri and many others are participating again. A first provisional list of exhibitors can be found online. In fact, many of the event’s exhibition spaces, such as the Germany and Americas halls, are fully occupied. Due to high demand other halls have been added to accommodate additional demand from machinery and technology companies.

As of now the official FRUIT LOGISTICA ticket shop is open. Tickets for the leading trade show for the global fresh produce business can be booked online. Access to the event programme is included in the ticket price. Tickets are exclusively available online. There will be no ticket shop onsite.

FRUIT LOGISTICA is the leading trade show for the global fresh produce business, and represents the entire value added chain for the fresh produce industry from producer to point of sale. More than 3,300 exhibitors from 91 countries presented their products, services and technical solutions at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020. Around 73,000 vendors and trade visitors from 135 countries took part in the event. The next FRUIT LOGISTICA will be held in Berlin from 8 to 10 February 2023.

About Messe Berlin
Berlin has been a trade fair destination for 200 years, and has been one of the most important such hubs for many decades. Messe Berlin – the state’s own trade fair company – conceives, markets and organises hundreds of live events every year. It strives to be an outstanding host for visitors at all events, generate optimal business stimuli, and provide fair conditions for everyone. This concept is reflected in the company slogan: Messe Berlin – Hosting the World.




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