FPC Future and Careers 2023 a massive success

FPC Future and Careers 2023 a massive success

FPC Future and Careers 2023 proved to be a massive success, with attendees and exhibitors alike agreeing that it was a day full of insights and opportunities.

Over 700 attendees gathered at the East of England Arena and Events Centre on Thursday 16 March for a day filled with innovation, insights and a chance for the many students attending to learn more about the exciting career opportunities that exist within the fresh produce and horticultural industries.

Live demonstrations throughout the day showed how agritech innovation can help tackle some of the many challenges faced by the industry, while expert speakers explained how technology can safeguard the future of our food supply and ensure that we meet our sustainability targets, whilst bolstering the industry against labour shortages and climate change effects.

"We're absolutely thrilled at how this year’s Future and Careers turned out," said FPC’s chief executive, Nigel Jenney.

"Our goal was to educate the industry and lift the lid on the possibilities out there and we absolutely achieved that.”

Talking about the large number of students in attendance, FPC's head of business development, Linda Bloomfield, remarked: “Seeing so many young people get excited about the possibilities within this incredible industry was truly heartwarming."

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