Extraordinarily strong season start GROEN-Direkt

Extraordinarily strong season start GROEN-Direkt

Hazerswoude/Boskoop, February 2024. Trading platform for garden plants GROEN-Direkt is writing a big plus at the start of the spring season. Already in the early hours of the Spring Fair on 6 and 7 February, customers crowded among the more than 5,000 sample lots. Via the digital ordering app, garden centres and wholesalers from all over Europe bought lustily.

More visiting customers

Although the huge range could also be ordered via the webshop, more than 80% of customers opted for a physical trade fair visit, a clear increase compared to 2023. Seeing, feeling and comparing for themselves remains an important added value for them. The combination with the 180+ exhibitors of PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt under one roof attracts a wide audience of garden plant buyers, garden centre owners, traders, exporters and industry peers.

Turnover up 11%

By noon on the first day, it was already clear that buyers are confident about the coming spring. Whereas last year's start was somewhat cautious, the figures now showed a much more positive picture. Sales results also remained as good as ever on day two, despite a quieter start.  GROEN-Direkt closed the fair with a sales increase of over 11%.

About GROEN-Direkt
As Europe's largest green marketplace, GROEN-Direkt has been bringing supply and demand of garden plants together for more than 25 years. The combination of 30 sample fairs per year and a webshop with up-to-date sample photos allows GROEN-Direkt to offer a very wide and up-to-date range of garden plants all year round. To this end, GROEN-Direkt works closely with 500 specialised growers in the Boskoop region, but also far beyond. Since 2022, GROEN-Direkt has been part of Green Retail Events, the fair organiser of the PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt fair on 6 and 7 February 2024.

More information about GROEN-Direkt, the sample fairs or webshop? Go to www.groen-direkt.nl or call +31 (0)172 21 15 76.



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