Dutch horticultural trade mission to India

Dutch horticultural trade mission to India

Collaborating on the sustainable transformation of India’s emerging food markets.

From November 15 to 20 a promising Dutch horticultural trade mission to India takes place. The mission is the first joint activity of the multi-year public-private partnership PIB NLHortiRoad2India, for which the covenant was signed in October in Ahoy, Rotterdam. The PIB aims to position the Dutch horticultural sector as a partner for India to meet India’s increasing demand for fresh, safe, and nutritious fruits and vegetables. The delegation visits the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra and participates in the Bangalore Tech Summit, Asia’s largest Technology Event from November 16 – 18. The trade mission is initiated and organized by Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD), InnovationQuarter, Rotterdam Partners, and the Dutch Embassy in New Delhi, India. No fewer than nine companies participate.

Food safety

Food safety is one of the spearheads of the Indian government. The demand for safe, fresh, and quality fruit and vegetables is rising in India. There’s an emerging market of consumers willing to pay premium prices for premium products, and that market is only expected to expand in the future due to population growth and an increasing number of domestic and foreign travelers.

India’s developing horticulture sector and growing retail and hospitality sectors are unable to fully serve the demand for locally produced food. Therefore, by working together and adapting innovative Dutch solutions to local circumstances, the Dutch consortium HortiRoad2India can support India’s horticulture sector to produce better-quality products. And in turn, food producers can provide hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets with products that not only last longer, but are also fresher, healthier, cleaner, and produced using fewer resources.

Long-term partnership

The PIB NLHortiRoad2India cluster consists of Dutch turnkey suppliers and specialist companies covering the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain. Desh Ramnath, Business Developer, and Advisor India at DGD: ‘’The cluster aims to create long-term connections with Indian retailers, investors, AgTech firms, and greenhouse builders to develop new mid and high-tech greenhouses and upgrade existing greenhouse facilities. The cluster combines its global expertise with local experience to provide Indian consumers with healthy food while generating jobs and income for all involved. Dutch technology and knowledge can also contribute to improving the production process and extending the shelf life of food. The cluster’s combined knowledge and integrated solutions can support India in growing safer and healthier fruits and vegetables locally with less use of resources.’’

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Photo Courtesy of Dutch Greenhouse Delta



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