Cultivation for Compounds – First event

Cultivation for Compounds – First event

On the 22nd of November, the first event from the Cultivation for Compounds (CfC) consortium took place. Participants from the consortium were invited to attend this event as an opportunity to learn and share insights into the medicinal cannabis industry. All visitors could also walk around at the pavilion which showcases some of the themes associated with the medicinal cannabis industry, such as microscopic images of trichomes, an HPLC machine, and more. The pavilion will serve as a place to educate and showcase innovation for the coming 4 years.

The afternoon started with a small press opening where Sonny Moerenhout and Jim Koop were interviewed by the news agency WOS. Afterwards, the participants received an update on the current results of the CfC research project. The introduction was followed by talks from three invited speakers. Emily Rigby shared insights into the Australian cannabis market in her talk titled “Tales & Truths from Down under”. Jaap Koster (PCS) gave an insightful presentation on GACP & GMP in practice, and Marco Toorman (Bolidt) educated us on the importance of flooring. The final part of the afternoon was reserved for two participants of the CfC pavilion, Van Dijk Heating B.V. and Biobest Group. Both companies are involved in the cultivation trials that are happening at Vertify. Last but not least, Coen Hubers from the LDE Centre for Sustainability gave an introduction to the Hackathon take took place at the start of December.

We are looking forward to the next CfC event at the World Horti Centre. We hope to meet each other there again. Until then, please join us on our LinkedIn page and follow our website for the latest updates!

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