Chrysal to offer sustainable post-harvest solutions

Chrysal to offer sustainable post-harvest solutions

NAARDEN, Netherlands: At this year’s Trade Fair Aalsmeer and the 2022 IFTF show (9-11 November 2022), Chrysal, a global supplier of flower and plant care products, will ride the green wave by putting two new sustainable harvest products and services in the limelight.

Sustainability remains a significant challenge for the global ornamental horticulture industry. Companies such as Chrysal have been seeking and developing impactful solutions that have the potential to alleviate and even cure the industry’s sustainability issues.

Chrysal Sea Freight Service

The company’s latest Sea Freight Service, for example, combines a total solution and a unique post-harvest service concept that keeps flowers fresh and controls Botrytis during sea freight and long storage. Not only undergo the flowers a Rose Dip and anti-ethylene treatment, but Chrysal Technical Assistants also monitor them throughout the supply chain from harvesting to shipping and receiving in Europe. This is to help ensure the roses are well received after being at sea for more than 3 weeks. The service considerably reduces flower wastage and rejection rate and allows sharing of vital data with all parties involved throughout the transport phase.

Chrysal stresses that the future of transporting flowers is sea freight explaining that this transportation mode reduces the carbon footprint by as much as 92 per cent compared to air freight. However, there are many obstacles to overcome. It is time-consuming, and flowers come under a lot of pressure.

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