A trio of German plant breeders join ThinkPlants

A trio of German plant breeders join ThinkPlants

ThinkPlants, which continues to bring to market and represent exceptional genetics and promote a high-quality trustworthy supply chain for the North American nursery industry, is announcing several new members joining the marketing platform. Three well-known plant breeders have joined ThinkPlants growing network of breeders, growers, and suppliers. “These new members of the ThinkPlants family continue to expand our growing portfolio of genetics while broadening our reach suppliers have for customers in the North American Market,” says Joey Wiseman, Director of ThinkPlants.

ThinkPlants adds Kientzler, Bull Plant Genetics and Heuger to its network of member companies

The main Kientzler company, located in Gensingen Germany, has been part of the European horticultural industry for more than 100 years and has extensive experience in breeding and developing innovative ornamental plants.  Additionally, as part of the Kientzler group, Innovaplant de Costa Rica is a reliable source for high quality unrooted cuttings for worldwide supply. Innovaplant is also involved in elite TC production, R&D, and laboratory services. “I am thrilled to be working more closely with Kientzler,” says Joey Wiseman, Director of ThinkPlants. “Kientzler has some fantastic perennial breeding, and I cannot wait to work with them in promoting these genetics in North America. Our first perennial plants we will support for Kientzler are the Ajuga Best Buddies Series and the Heliopsis Sole, both exciting new additions to the ThinkPlants portfolio.”

Bull Gartenbau has been an integral part of horticulture in northern Germany since 2009. In Schleswig Holstein, in Gönnebek, Hartwig Bull turned his passion into a breeding profession. Together with his wife, Ulrike Bull, and a strong team, Bull Plant Genetics have built a strong following for superior genetic performance beyond Germany and into the North American market. “We look forward to working with the Bull Team to bring their Echinacea SunMagic®Series to North American growers,“ states Zoltan Kovacs, Grower Support for ThinkPlants. “I have seen some of these Echinacea in recent grower trials, and they really are something special, very different from other breeding I have seen.”

Heuger, located in and around the town of Glandorf in North-Western Germany, produces young plants, pre-finished and finished plants, and is a well-known plant breeder. The company has more than 200 plant variety rights and plant patents under the Heuger name. The company, founded in 1950 by Paul Heuger, has the company motto of, “No compromise in quality.” This motto is still upheld by their current dedicated team.  ThinkPlants will be helping the Heuger team in North America with the promotion of the HGC® Ice N’ Roses® Helleborus Series. “Hellebore has long been one of my favorite perennials, so I am really excited to work with such an amazing Hellebore breeding company,” says Wiseman.

The additions of Kientzler, Bull, and Heuger to ThinkPlants comes on the heels of other new member additions in the past year - Linwell Gardens, DeVry Greenhouses and Monrovia Nursery. Group members also include founders Danziger and Syngenta Flowers, along with Creekside Greenhouses, Green Circle Growers, Gulley Greenhouses, Headstart Nursery, James Greenhouses, Kapiteyn, Kieft Seed, Kiwiflora, Plants Management Australia, Royal Van Zanten, Terra Nova Nurseries, and Unex Inc.

“ThinkPlants is now 20 members strong and growing,” said Wiseman. “We set out to build a portfolio of outstanding genetics, but we also knew a strong supply chain was equally important for perennial growers in North America. We continue to add a diversity of genetics in our drive to make a more consolidated process for our growers and retailers.”

“The ThinkPlants team works very hard to gain exposure and sales for all the ThinkPlants participants, which combined with their expertise in plant breeding, horticulture, technical support, supply chain, production, sales, and marketing, makes for a very strong partnership,” adds Wiseman. “It is the diverse plant knowledge of these companies working together, which creates such a powerful resource for the North American nursery industry.”

Please stop by the Cultivate Show, July 13th - 16th in Columbus, OH to see us at booth #2247. Our team is eager to show you what is new with ThinkPlants.

Websites: Kientzler.Innovaplant.comBull-Gartenbau.deHeuger.com

About ThinkPlants®: ThinkPlants represents an exclusive dedicated team, including plant breeders and other horticulture experts, seamlessly connected to a supply chain and sales effort. The strength of ThinkPlants is in the cooperation of all participants in bringing plants to market together under one umbrella. ThinkPlants offers growers an unrivaled commitment to breeding work in a diverse mix of improved plant genetics, with a healthy supply chain of top-quality URC, bareroot, bulbs, plugs, and liners, along with a true sense of transparency between grower and supplier. Learn more about ThinkPlants at www.thinkplants.com.



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