5 tips for efficient greenhouse heating

5 tips for efficient greenhouse heating

During the summer and shoulder months, cooling and humidity control can make up a significant amount of a greenhouse facility’s energy use. Traditionally, greenhouse operators would heat their greenhouses and open side and roof vents to exhaust humidity from the leaf surface. However, as energy costs have soared in recent years, these traditional (and oftentimes inefficient) methods are becoming increasingly expensive.

By doing this, “you’re throwing away a lot of heat,” explains Pieter Kruijt, Horti-division Director at Resource Innovation Institute (RII) member Verkade Climate. “While gas prices were low, nobody really cared. Nowadays, the gas prices, at least here in Europe, are about 10 times as high as they were two years ago.”

As such, operators increasingly are turning away from mechanical heating and cooling, opting instead for more passive and resource-efficient methods such as optimized airflow, desiccant systems, and building circular systems in-house or with partner industries.

Here, RII presents tips and solutions to help you optimize your greenhouse heating and ensure you’re running an efficient and profitable business.

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