Take control of managing your inventory

Take control of managing your inventory

Using software to manage your production can help alleviate common issues and give you more control in important aspects of your business.

Many challenges come with managing production. Predicting demand, accounting for losses, ordering the right number of materials, managing seasonal workers and tracking inventory are some that probably sound familiar.

Running your complex business with simple spreadsheets is no longer the best option, says Ali Al-Abbasi, business development director at Argos Software. Production management software can enable growers to track material and labor costs in detail, with built-in analytics for improved forecasting. A modular and flexible software solution can be used by today’s growers to manage orders, personnel, delivery fleets, farm equipment and more, he says.

Sharon Nuss, CEO of Starcom Computer Corp., says focusing on having accurate inventory numbers is the best way to reach efficiency, with sales and the production process coming in second place. “Controlling inventory can feel like trying to hold onto a fistful of sand at the beach,” says Nuss. When she asked a business owner why they initially hesitated to fully implement an inventory software system, the response was, “We just never really believed it would make that much of a difference. Once we fully committed to doing it, we learned how important it is.”


Today, growers are faced with higher prices everywhere; shipping and fuel, raw materials, labor costs, and supplies have all increased. Al-Abbasi agrees that inflation is impacting demand as customers don’t have as much money to spend at the garden center, resulting in many large retailers dramatically cutting orders for plants.

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